Tolosa and its architecture

Midway through the 13th century, in 1256, Alfonso X the Wise built Tolosa, Ordizia and Segura, three inland bastions, along the border between Castile and the Kingdom of Navarre.

The Town Charter, which defined the legal status of the town, offered certain guarantees, privileges and dispensations for its repopulation.

For strategic reasons, the urban centre was created between Calle Mayor and Plaza Santa María, as it was the transit point towards Navarre. Likewise, walls were built and the town centre was designed as an island-shaped enclosure surrounded by river Oria and one of its tributaries. Later, the fortified enclosure was extended towards Calle Correo and the Castile Gate.

In 1503, Tolosa was destroyed following a large fire, and after that, work began to rebuild the town from stone.

At present, it is possible to see the layout of the six longitudinal streets of what was the borough back then, other smaller transversal streets and the Castile Gate.

The visit to the Historic Quarter gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the town and enjoy the extraordinary experience of visiting and discovering all the places that are listed below.

Gaztelako Atea

Castile Gate

Historic Quarter of Tolosa

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Zerkausia Tinglado de Tolosa

Tinglado Marketplace

Historic Quarter

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Nafarroako zubia

Navarre Bridge

Historic Quarter

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Santa Klara komentua

Santa Clara Convent

Calle Santa Clara

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Idiakez Jauregia

Idiáquez Palace

Plaza Vieja

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Udaletxea Tolosa Ayuntamiento

The Council

Plaza Vieja

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Santa Maria eliza

Church of Santa María

Plaza Santa María

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Aranburu Jauregia Tolosa

Aramburu Palace

Calle Santa María

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Historic Quarter of Tolosa

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Archaeological Park

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Lapaza House

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Iturritza Jauregia

Palace of Iturritza

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Plaza Verdura

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Andía Tower

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Atodo Palace

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Plaza Berria

Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva

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Euskal Herria Plaza

Plaza Euskal Herria

Plaza Euskal Herria

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Church of San Francisco

Paseo San Francisco

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The Council Palace

Historic Quarter

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