Do you have plans for this weekend?

We suggest some in order for you to enjoy an authentic Tolosa style weekend:

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Saturday Fair

Tolosa is packed on Saturdays. At the more than 60 stands in the Tinglado Marketplace, you will find quality seasonal produce. In Plaza Verdura, your will see a wide range of plants and flowers, and in Plaza Euskal Herria, there are foreign products and textiles on sale. There is NO WAY you will leave without buying something!!p> Info gehiago



Puppets create magical worlds. The Tolosa International Puppet Centre (TOPIC) is the most important in Europe, and in addition to the permanent museum, there are temporary exhibitions and different initiatives. If your visit coincides with one of the staged visits, run and book your ticket now, I recommend it. 

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Tapas tasting

Let yourself get carried away by the atmosphere of Tolosa, and begin to enjoy its gastronomy by sampling pintxos (tapas), before lunch. .  In the bars of Tolosa you can discover our miniature cooking, created with local products.

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Time for lunch

Gastronomy is one of Tolosa´s greatest assets. You will have an unbeatable chance to enjoy it, with a range tailored to suit your wishes and needs. The grilled chops, cider houses and beans of Tolosa are famous.

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Discover our history

There are lots of buildings of historic value in Tolosa, and the best way to discover the town´s history is to visit them. Each building has a panel with its history, and by participating in the visit to the Historic Quarter, Brian will enrich these stories with different anecdotes.   

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If you like to go shopping, Tolosa is your new paradise! You will find an exceptional range, from traditional shops to innovative and alternative premises. There are two shopping hubs, and as the town isn´t very big, going shopping will be really convenient for you.

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Cultural Agenda

Cinema, theatre, puppets… In Tolosa you will find all kinds of cultural activity, at any time of the year, and if you visit during an event, the options multiply. Consult the agenda and select a time to enjoy your favourite show.


Time for dinner

You have already discovered the quality of Tolosa´s gastronomy, and you are getting hungry again. We recommend booking a table before going to a restaurant, grill house or cider house, in order to avoid problems and walk in less of a hurry.

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Relax and enjoy

It is time to end this intense and spectacular day, and to do so, you have the option of the rest that best suits you: agrotourism, hotel…

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