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The festivals of San Juan

The San Juan fiestas are the main festivities of Tolosa and take place on 24 June.

Following old traditions, the festivities of San Juan have kept up the Bordon-dantza (dance with military origins) and the jump over the fire, and they have strengthened and updated the parade of arms (riflemen).

The Bordon-dantza, the dance that has its origins in the Battle of Beotibar between Navarre and Gipuzkoa, offers the public a unique spectacle. In addition to this dance, the Zortziko of San Juan and the Aurresku are also performed.

The parade of arms, which initially only involved 20 riflemen, now has 14 crews, of between 40 and 60 riflemen and riflewomen, each equipped with bright clothing, drums and Txistus (type of fipple flute). In the morning, they fire salvoes in Plaza Vieja, Plaza Santa María and Plaza Triangulo, among others. In the afternoon, the riflemen and riflewomen parade towards the Basilica of San Juan de Arramele, which is the main church, and Plaza Triangulo, together with the municipal plenary and male and female dancers of the Bordon-dantza.

It is notable the importance that the Crew Day has acquired over the last 25 years, with its mass lunch and entertainment.