Art in the street and museums

Tolosa has a museum that is an international benchmark, TOPIC, the International Puppet Centre of Tolosa. It has been a real surprise to find ourselves on this Contemporary Basque Sculpture Circuit. And even more so knowing that it is the result of a popular initiative, achieved thanks to the desire of a group of Tolosa locals. Everything began when the Tolosa Centre of Initiatives, with the aim of celebrating its 25th anniversary, decided to act, without worrying about the consequences and achieved this magnificent collection in exchange for a unique sculpture by Oteiza. These sculptures are now part of the landscape of the town of Tolosa.

Artea kalean eta museoak


Plaza Euskal Herria

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Lizardi´s Window

Plaza Santa María

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In the wind

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Atauts Arte en Tolosa Turismo


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Memory Castle

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Silent Chant IX

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Centenary of the Bullring

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The Plough

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Mobile Pair

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