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Tolosa has always been the capital of sweets. Although it seems incredible, Tolosa, despite its size, it has a large and exceptional variety in relation to sweets.

Tejas y cigarrillos Tolosa

The local male and female artisan confectioners and their desserts are widely renowned.

Among them it is worth mentioning the “tiles” and “cigarettes” of Tolosa, the gorrotxas and the Bombas of Eceiza (Fried succulent dough, filled with custard, cream or chantilly.

  • Tiles and Cigarettes of Tolosa: they are typical in Tolosa and are handmade, with butter and whole almonds.
  • Gorrotxas: they are very sweet cakes, made from almond, egg-yolk and marzipan.
  • The Bombas of Eceiza: bombas are easy to find but the ones from Eceiza are special, particularly those filled with chantilly.

Every year, in October, Tolosa holds a special fair linked to sweets: Tolosa Goxua (Sweet Fair).