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Euskal Txerri (Basque Pig)

There are 3 local breeds of pig in the Basque Country: the euskal txerria (Basque pig), the muturmotza of Vitoria and the Baztán Pig.

Of these 3 breeds, the only one not at risk of extinction is euskal txerria (Basque Pig). These pigs roam free in nature, and feed on acorns, chestnuts, hazelnut and forest herbs.

In the vicinity of Tolosa, you can visit the farm of Peio Urdapilleta, which aims to recover the breed. They have 400 sows and 50 boars, and kill around 2,000 pigs each year.

They produce all kinds of products: ham, chorizo, pork loin, chistorra sausage, bacon…

For further information: Urdapilleta Farm