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Visit Tolosa on your own with this guided Instagram tour

23/07/2020 |


Summer is moving forward, and our itch to travel is alive and well! Don't you think this is a great time to take a closer look at the history of surrounding enclaves? What would you think if we gave you a virtual tour to discover Tolosa?

If you are a visitor, or from Tolosa and you want to learn more about your town, or if you want to act as a guide to your friends and you've got a free hour and the Instagram application, then this is for you!

We have prepared a virtual guided tour in five languages to take you to the most important locations in Tolosa. If you want to learn how to use it, we will explain.

First, go to Instagram and search for user @tolosaturismo. If you enter "Tolosa Turismoa" in the search box, it will come up right there for you. Once on our feed, you will see little blue circles called "story highlights."

tolosa, turismo rural, gratis, vistas, visita guiada
As you can see, you can choose from five different languages: French, Catalan, English, Basque and Spanish. Click on the language you want, and the virtual guide will open, so you can discover Tolosa in an hour. Let the adventure begin!tolosa, turismo rural, visita guiada, gratis, vistas

As the guide says, the tour begins in Triángulo Square. If you look at the map, you can spot it easily. But if not, click here to get instructions to go to the virtual guide's starting point.

Once on your way, the virtual guide will take you to 25 different locations around Tolosa, sharing the most relevant stories and information about each one of them.

tolosa, turismo rural, visita guiada, gratis, virtual

And at the end... What could be better than taking a wonderful picture to share on social media?! The virtual guide also includes this offer:

tolosa, turismo rural, visita guiada, gratis


What are you waiting for? Come to Tolosa, spend an hour, and enjoy the virtual guided tour!