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Planning weekend getaways? Tolosa is your next destination

03/09/2020 |

To start the day full of adventures, what better than getting off to an early start and enjoying a tasty breakfast at one of the coffee and pastry shops we have here in Tolosa.

Once you’ve charged your batteries, our first recommendation is to visit the Tolosa Market, open from 9.30 in the morning. In the Tinglado and Triángulo sections you’ll find quality seasonal produce at the more than sixty stalls. In the Plaza de Verduras you’ll find a wide variety of plants and flowers, and in the Plaza Euskal Herria stalls selling goods and textiles.And you won’t have to worry about the current situation because the stallholders and locals observe all of the necessary prevention and safety measures.

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To continue the morning, we propose a journey into the magical world created by puppets at the Topic Museum. This is a great place to visit with your family, friends, partner or by yourself. Did you know that this is the most important International Puppet Centre? As well as being a permanent museum, it also runs temporary exhibitions. Take a look at the website to see what exhibitions are now on! The Museum opening hours are 10:30 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 19:00.

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Visiting a magical world will probably have whetted your appetite. This is an ideal time to try Tolosa’s gastronomy and to taste quality products before lunch. And if you’d like to discover the miniature cuisine prepared with local produce we’ve drawn up a list of the best pintxos in Tolosa. Are you up for trying them all?

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Before you know it, it’s lunchtime! Tolosa has a wide selection of bars and restaurants to suit your foodie tastes. Tolosa is famous for its charcoal-grilled chops, its cider houses, and its black beans. However, we also have restaurants that serve other menus. Here are our suggestions!

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And what could be better to walk off lunch than a stroll through the streets? Tolosa has numerous buildings of historical value, and art also dominates the street. If you’d like to visit this and much more by yourself, we have a unique opportunity for you. This summer we have created a guided tour to discover Tolosa on Instagram, and it’s free!

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Having completed the guided tour, if you like shopping you’ll still have time before dinner. Tolosa has a unique offer of shops, from traditional to the most innovative and alternative stores. There are two different shopping areas, and as the town isn’t too big, you’ll find it very easy to walk from one shop to another.

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Now you know the quality of Tolosa’s gastronomy no doubt you’ll want to repeat the experience. However, we do recommend that you book before going to restaurants, grill or cider houses so that you will have no problems and can set off to enjoy your meal without having to worry.

To end the day we suggest that you enjoy the rest offered by Tolosa. You can choose from amongst the options that suit you best: hotels, rural accommodation, boarding houses... Sleep well!

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