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Audioguides to discover Tolosa

23/07/2021 |


Endless fun facts for your ears, from the comfort of your own mobile phone! You will find the audio clips of the most interesting places in Tolosa on our website, on Spotify and on Google Podcast.

In order for you to enjoy your visit to Tolosa to the utmost and to delve into the history of our town, we have prepared an audio guide for you: we will suggest a route along which, in the audio guide that we have created in podcast format, you can listen to the interesting facts as well as information about each place, at the same time as you see them live and in real time.


This audio guide contains 17 chapters, each of which refers to a building, street or square. The route we suggest in this audio guide, which starts at the Arco de Castilla, will take you through the entire Old District of Tolosa before returning to the Paseo San Francisco. These audios are in the same order as the suggested route, but if you prefer not to follow the route, you can listen to the audio of your choice at the time and place of your choice.


You have different listening options for the audio guide, all of which are available your own mobile phone: if you want to do the whole tour, listen to all the audios on this page in order. And you can also find them on Spotify and Google Podcast!




If you just want to listen to the audio of a specific place, just look for that chapter in the "audio guides" section (click here to go to the page), on Spotify or Google Podcast, or scan its QR codes that you will find in Tolosa's tourist sites. Blue heritage plaques can be found at these locations. Each one of these, in addition to having the history of the location written on it, will have its own QR code, and if you scan it, you will be able to listen directly to the chapter corresponding to that site.



These audio guides are not only about what you can read on the heritage plaques: our goal has been to complete the story!


In addition to making your tour of Tolosa more user-friendly, you can find interesting facts, secrets and songs about Tolosa's most iconic buildings, streets and squares, all on your own mobile phone. We want you to delve into the history of our town: We want you to see it, hear it and live it.

Moreover, if you want to know more about the buildings and the streets of Tolosa, and to know the treasures and secrets that they hide inside, you can check out the offer of guided tours that the Tourist Office of Tolosa will be providing this summer. There will be 4 guided tours: the Old District of Tolosa, the Market of Tolosa, the 3 temples of Tolosa as well as the vault of the Parish Church of Santa Maria.