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The most rural Tolosa: Bedaio

09/09/2019 |

Nature, peace and quiet, trekking, heritage, culture...there is no shortage of excuses to visit the rural neighbourhoods of Tolosa throughout the year: Urkizu, Aldaba, Montezkue... But, if there is a neighbourhood that acquires a special significance in September, it is Bedaio. Why?

1. A unique destination

Bedaio is a very peculiar neighbourhood, a hidden treasure. Surrounded by the lands of neighbouring municipalities and mountains, it is located 17 kilometres from the city centre of Tolosa, and has fewer than one hundred inhabitants. Two of the most interesting attractions are the parish of Natividad (Nativity), which dates back to the 16th century and the oldest farmhouse in Gipuzkoa.

Bedaio Baserria Rural Caserio Tolosa Entorno

2. Ideal for mountain routes

It is also a nature destination: it is surrounded by large beech forests and mountains. It is the northern tip of Aralar Natural Park. Indeed, that point is the highest in Tolosa: Mount Artubi, 1,254 metres high. From there it is possible to take in beautiful views of the valley of Araiz and the stunning Aralar Range.

If you wish to plan a mountain excursion to its peaks to make the most of the summer atmosphere, Bedaio is one starting point to consider. There are also several mountain hikes that are more accessible via the surrounding towns: Amezketa, Altzo and Azkarate.

Bedaio Baserria Rural Caserio Tolosa Entorno

3. Culture in the middle of the forest

In the past, there was a path that linked Bedaio with the latter municipality. The Zárate pass is the boundary between both towns, the border between Gipuzkoa and Navarre. A place that becomes a cultural reference point during summer. The project Azken Muga brings concerts, exhibitions, dances, theatre and film screenings to this area. Below are the remaining dates for the 2019 edition:

  • Friday 30 August: the documentary Erraiak e irrintzis de Altzo
  • 6-22 of September: Illustrators from the Basque Country in Zaratetxe
  • 13 September, Friday: Jazz concert with Crazzy Jazzers
  • 14 September, Saturday: Bertsos (Basque singing poets), rural sport and a cheese competition
  • 21 September, Saturday: Concert by the orchestra Et Incarnatus
  • 22 September, Sunday: Ortensia izan nahi dut, by the theatre group Abarka

4. Bedaio during festival time

At the beginning of September, Bedaio celebrates the festival of its patron saint; this year from the 6 to the 8. The greatest particularity of this celebration is the Ingurutxo social dance, which comes from here. Before the Civil War, it was danced every Sunday and on special dates, but afterwards it was forgotten. The dance group Udaberri recovered it in the 70´s. This year, it will be danced on the 8, at 19:00. Around ten men and women will dance anticlockwise, led by stewards, with their respective partners. It is undoubtedly a key event for discovering the richness of Basque folklore. This will be the festival program for 2019:

6 September, Friday

  • 19:00. Txupinazo (opening event) and Sutarri dance group
  • 19:30. Potato omelette competition and tapas and drink livened up with bertsolaris and dantzaris (Basque poet singers and dancers)
  • 21:00. Public dinner. Followed by a party with the Elustondo brothers.At dawn: Garlic soup and chocolate in the society.

7 September, Saturday

  • 17:00. Children´s games
  • 19:00. Story telling
  • 21:00. Public dinner. Afterwards, a pilgrimage with Izer and Alabier, and Ansorregi and Larrañaga

8 September, Sunday

  • 11:00. Mass. Followed by lunch livened up by trikitilaris (Basque accordion players)
  • 13:00. Cycling race: XXX. Climb to Bedaio
  • 18:00. Rural sport: stone lifting and log cutters
  • 19:00. Ingurutxo Dance
  • 21:00. Dinner at the Artubi society: Mondeju sausage and mutton stew
  • 24:00. Fires to conclude the festivities

Bedaio Tolosa Festak Rural Baserrria Berde Verde Aizkora Aizkolariak

5. For cycling tourists

The road stops in Bedaio, so there is not a lot of traffic in the area, which makes it ideal for cycling tourists. In the municipality of Alegia, it is necessary to take the GI-2133 road which leads to Amezketa, and having reached the neighbourhood of Ugarte you will find the Bedaio crossroads. It is a 6.5 kilometre climb. If you are looking for more passes, you can try heading up to the top of Larraitz or the town of Altzo.