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11/04/2022 |

We are also staying put taking a trip to the interior of the country! If you are also making your plans and intend to spend the Summer in Tolosa, or simply wish to take a day trip there, our practical guide should help make it easier than ever. Thanks to being just a stone’s throw from all the Basque capitals, you will not regret checking out our town! Family, couple, group, or solo getaways.



In this guide you will find:




You have several options, depending on what you wish to do when you take a trip.


On your own: If you wish to walk around on your own, we recommend doing so while listening to our podcast on our channel on Spotify with 18 episodes, one for each place we recommend visiting. You can listen to it by scanning the QR codes at each location of interest, or you else do the whole tour (highly recommended) clicking here or searching “for Tolosa Tourism” on your Spotify app.



With a guide: This is the best option if you prefer to make the visit with a group and a guide who knows Tolosa like the palm of their hand. We are organising guided tours of the Old Town of Tolosa, the traditional Saturday market and the historic vaults of the Santa Maria parish during Easter week.


In both cases, we recommend visiting our renovated tourist office, which will be open throughout the week! We will tell you about the guided tours, timetables, bookings, local products and more things you can do in the region. Click to see where we are located.






The Old Town with all the charm of Gipuzkoa:


Tolosa used to be an island, and the Arch of Castile located in Plaza Triangulo is still the gateway to the old town, which dates back almost 800 years. Wandering through these cobblestone streets is very interesting, as your mind drifts imagining the horse-drawn carousels running through the town, the river on both sides, and looking at the signs of the old palaces that mark Tolosa’s history.


Do not forget to visit the market if you come on a Saturday:


Saturday is just the right day to visit. The traditional market of Tolosa is held every Saturday of the year in three different squares: el Tinglado, Plaza Berdura and Plaza Euskal Herria. Take the opportunity to stroll and browse all the exceptional products that are key in Basque cuisine. Try out the cheese tasters offered by the producers, ask how to cook the seasonal vegetables, and don't forget the beans, the essential product of Tolosa you have to try. You can read more about the Tolosa market here.




The parish of Santa Maria, its vaults and the restored paintings of Eugenio Azkue::


Did you know that Santa Maria is the second largest church in Gipuzkoa? As if the parish was not impressive enough, you can also visit the vaults, the organ, the old archive, the Santa Maria Church museum and the very recently restored paintings of Eugenio Azkue. It can only be visited during a guided tour booked in advance (information at the Tourist Office or by phoning 943 697 413).




The TOPIC museum:


Find out where puppets from all over the world sleep. An iconic building on the outside, a universe of puppetry on the inside. TOPIC is located at Plaza Euskal Herria (which happens to be the most atmospheric square in the whole town). It is the only comprehensive centre dedicated to puppets in Europe. You can find out more about Topic by clicking here!





The taste of Tolosa will be one of those sensations you will always remember, and it will remain on your palate and your mind. An unbeatable place to experience a gastronomic experience around a table. Fire, embers, T-bone steak, beans, pintxos [titbits],… which one tickles your fancy? Actually, you can try all of them!





Eating lunch or dinner at one of Tolosa’s four grills is the most traditional thing to do. Beef was replaced with veal during the 1960s and it was so successful that it became the star dish. They also work with veal steak, and nowadays mainly heifers. Throughout the year, thousands of visitors arrive from different parts of the world. 





Another (nice) way to enjoy a good steak, and perhaps in a more lively but not less traditional atmosphere, is by eating out at one of the cider houses. Each cask contains different cider (from 5 to 10 or 12), and every time a cask is opened by the cider house owner or manager, a cry of "TXOOOOTX" breaks out: signifying that you have the opportunity to try a new cider (not all casks are open all the time!). If you don't know what one looks like, you can read more about the “las sagardotegis” [cider house] culture in this post.


Pintxos, tapas and main dishses:


There are also options if you do not feel like sitting down for a long meal. We recommend taking a stroll around Tolosa for bars and restaurants to try pintxos (which we promise are the best pintxos in Gipuzkoa), share tapas or discover the best menu of the day around.


Here is a small list of six bars/restaurants based on the most widely used traveller forums. However, there are many more options around our streets:






Here are the best places to stay to end your day or to base yourself in Tolosa during your Easter week trip. You can choose the best one for you from the options available. hotels, agroturism, hostels…And relax!





One thing that we have left to the end but that is no less important, due to Tolosa being so accessible. Here are all the options of how to get here whether you are coming in your own car or in any other means of transport:


If you are coming by plane:


there are five airports in the vicinity you can fly to according to their distance from Tolosa:

  • San Sebastian Airport (EAS), 30 minutes away.
  • Pamplona Airport (PNA), 1 hour away.
  • Bilbao Airport (BIO), 1 hour away.
  • Vitoria Airport (VIT), 1 hour away.
  • Biarritz (BIQ), 1 hour away.

If you are coming by public transport:


You can travel to Tolosa by bus from almost anywhere in Spain (with companies such as Alsa, Monbus…) or you can do so from the closest stations and capitals of the Basque Country, with Pesa or Lurraldebus. If you find it more comfortable by train, Tolosa is included in the network of San Sebastián local trains (Renfe) and is also one stop from the different routes of Regional trains from Renfe/Avant.


If you are coming by car :


While we do not have to explain how to look for Tolosa in your navigator, this article may be of interest to you: where to park in Tolosa.




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