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Tolosa Goxua (Sweet Fair)

Tolosa Goxua is the sweetest festival in the world!! Tolosa Goxua is a marvellous festival and fair based around sweets, that is organised on the last Saturday in October.

Tolosa is a benchmark for people who love sweet stuff, thanks to the good work over many years of the male and female artisan confectioners from the area. In Tolosa, you will find the 5 best bakeries in all of the Basque Country: Rafa Gorrotxategi, Eceiza, Gorosti, Gozona and Saizar.

The municipality organises an annual fair in Plaza Triangulo, where male and female artisans go out to the square and hand out sweets to those attending.

An apple pie competition is also organised for the people, and male and female chefs serve as the jury. During the last edition, the confectioners visited the ikastolas (Basque primary and secondary schools), in order to talk to the boys and girls about sweets and confectionery, and give them the chance to be “confectioners for a day”. On the day of the fair there were 10 boys and girls working with the confectioners in Plaza Triangulo.

The fair has now held 24 editions, and it has carried out different initiatives: giant pies, and the largest turrón nougat for Guinness World Records...