During one week, Tolosa organises a great festival centred on beans .

On Saturday, the producers of Tolosa beans organise a competition to choose the best bean of the year.

Also, in recent years the Brotherhood of the Bean has given a “Euskal Jaia” (Basque Festival) vibe to the fair, livening up the day with trikitilaris (Basque accordions), dances, giants, Basque pelota matches, bertsolaris (singers of Basque verses)... At lunchtime, all the crews get the public bean eating started, which is on offer from the bars and restaurants in Tolosa, before continuing with the festival, in the afternoon.

On Sunday, a bean competition is organised using the winning bean from the previous day. The competition is organised by the Gure Kaiola society, and involves participation from pairs of chefs from all over the Basque Country. After the competition, beans are served to the public. It has now been 31 years since the first competition took place!!!>

And as if that wasn´t enough, a special fair is organised, where the men and women attending, in addition to purchasing gastronomic products, can also sample the beans!!