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Shopping in Tolosa: more than visiting shops

08/04/2019 |

It is said that Tolosa is an outdoor shopping centre. And this is largely due to the extensive network of local shops. But there is a lot more.

Tolosa almost triples the European ratio of shops per one thousand inhabitants, which is 8 establishments. In Tolosa, there are 21 establishments per every 1000 inhabitants.


The fact is that within a distance of a few metres, you can find all kinds of products, items and services: from food or clothing shops, to establishments selling toys, cosmetics, furniture or photography. Also, we shouldn´t forget about the great range of restaurants.


The intense activity, creativity and daily work of all the traders makes Tolosa a town brimming with life on a daily basis, and the high point is Saturday morning, the day when the customary market of local producers takes place: often accompanied by music, dances, events and even big-headed giants.


So, one tip if you come to Tolosa: take your time. Time, because coming to Tolosa means exploring the streets, seeing lots of inventive shop window displays, experiencing century-old establishments and discovering their histories; it also means sampling the local tastes in bars and restaurants, having a coffee with traditional sweets or immersing yourself in the cultural atmosphere. If you know someone from Tolosa, you will surely have heard the line that “in this town there is always something going on!”


But going shopping around the local businesses in Tolosa has an added value: the friendliness of the treatment offered in each of the shops. They will always bring the best to suit all tastes as if it were for themselves, and will offer you advice and assistance. It is their hallmark.


Braderie, an ideal day to go shopping in Tolosa


There are days when all of this is maximized, for example Braderie day, which took place on the last Saturday of March.


Every year, in collaboration with the association of traders of Tolosa, Tolosa&Co, the so-called festival of small shops takes place. During the entire day, morning and evening, shops bring their products out onto the street, making Tolosa a shopping capital.


It is a stock fair, where it is possible to find great offers. And everything is accompanied by an unbeatable atmosphere, which makes this an especially good day to visit Tolosa.