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“Scenes and stories”, a temporary exhibition that will envelop you

06/08/2019 |

The excitement begins the very moment you enter the new exhibition, barefoot. A soft carpet will guide you, story by story. A different type of exhibition to those that normally come to the Topic; a display of the works of the company Speeltheater Holland Studio that envelops you (literally too). Different resources: puppets, photographs, videos, music and lots to tell.

One of the objectives of the TOPIC museum is for you to believe in a world of magic, to be excited, to have fun. You will find this museum, the only centre in Europe devoted to puppets, in the emblematic building of Plaza Euskal Herria. This new exhibition named “Scenes and stories” is temporary, and can be visited until 15 September. 

From large natural sized puppets to smaller ones, from the most realistic to the most abstract, this exhibition offers a journey to find new ways of telling stories through unique pieces.

The Dutch artists Saskia Janse and Oni Huisink are the creators behind these marvellous works, and they say that they want to offer an overview of what a puppet work is, inspire visitors of all ages and encourage them to participate creatively in the story. Over their 40-year history, the pair of artists has performed all over the world, and stood out for their innovation in the use of puppets combined with other art forms (dance, theatre, performances with actors...)

The TOPIC museum team is very proud to have the work of this pairing who are versatile, well-travelled and experts in this art; but it isn´t the first time they have been in Tolosa. The Dutch artists Janse and Huisink had visited Tolosa when they donated a set of puppets to the museum, and began this relationship that gave rise to the idea of doing this exhibition. 

The timetable for visits is from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm and Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm.

TOPIC: where puppets from all over the world sleep

TOPIC, in addition to being a museum, is a meeting point for puppeteers from all over the world. It has 3600 square metres that are home to: a permanent museum, temporary exhibitions, a documentation centre, archive and media library (digitalised), a stage with a space for 250 spectators, production, rehearsal and assembly rooms, and rooms for workshops and courses.

More information about the TOPIC in this link.