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2. Zerkausia | Tinglado

The busy market atmosphere is repeated every Saturday morning. This important event explains Tolosa’s commercial and cultural life as it stands today.

The market has been running since the 13th century. It originally took place in the Town Hall Square until 1785, when the Tinglado was built, where it has been held ever since. Its location was no accident. It stands between two major roads in the 18th century: the Royal Road to Castile, and the road leading to Navarre by the bridge over the river. The market was an obligatory stop for bartering.

The first version of the Tinglado, a wooden construction, was demolished in 1898, and its new location was put to vote by the locals, resulting in the decision to rebuild it in the same place in cast iron and concrete. The balconies and the two towers were added in 1927.

The building was restored to its present aspect in 2006. Several glass panels were inserted into the floor. Look down through them to see the remains of the medieval walls giving the Tinglado its name in Basque: Zerkausia, or broken wall.

Since then the Tinglado has become much more than simply a place to buy and sell local produce. It’s also the place to taste it. Several times a year the market morphs into a huge dining room to celebrate the Black Bean, Sea Bream and Chuleta, Meat and Grill festivities, the latter of which now goes by the name of HARAGI. Can you imagine the grills, the aromas, the atmosphere...? Come along and try them, you won’t be sorry!

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