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Mendi Tour

Mendi tour will carry out a tour throughout the entire year, with the best and most successful films of the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival and the most appealing films from the mountain archives.

It is available in a one-day format, or over more days, and is organised along with the operators of institutions, schools, educational centres, corporations, community groups and cultural workshops. Local organisers can create the program that is of most interest to their audience, choosing between a selection of films about the mountain, adventure sports, culture and the environment.

Thanks to the Mendi Tour, the festival is spread throughout the entire year. The aim is to reach more people through the Tour, and make people aware of surprising, moving and inspiring stories. In the case of the youngest boys and girls, there will be a selection of short films suitable for their age, in order to surprise the youngest audience, stimulate their curiosity, laughter and shouting.

Tolosa: 12, 13 and 14 March

Further information: MENDITUR