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Bedaio: nature in its maximum splendour

10/06/2019 |


Bedaio is undoubtedly one of the points of interest and recommended places when you visit Tolosa; since curiously, although the neighbourhood is part of Tolosa, you will go through different towns in Tolosaldea to get to it (20 minutes by car). And it will be worthwhile, because you will delve into a natural environment surrounded by nature where you can stop off, have a break and enjoy the views.


Located in the foothills of Mount Balerdi (Natural Park of Aralar), this rural neighbourhood is located to the southeast of Tolosa, and according to the 2017 census it has 95 inhabitants. It borders with Lizartza, Altzo, Alegia, Gaztelu, Amezketa and Araitz (which is in Navarre). The malloas (mountain meadow peaks) of Aralar are up above the neighbourhood, and Bedaio is the departure point for visiting them. This area, due to its geographic location, is also known for different stories about Miquelets (mountain militia men) and smugglers.


In Bedaio you will discover what a rural lifestyle and environment entails: orchards, baserris (farm houses), animals … A healthy way of life and an enviable relationship among all the inhabitants. Once a year they also organise the special craft market, a chance to discover first-hand how they harness natural resources to create with their own hands. A neighbourhood full of culture and things to learn.

Another of the curiosities of Bedaio is that it still maintains the “Ingurutxo” (which means “round” or “environment”), a folklore event that in Gipuzkoa is only kept going in Bedaio and Ugarte (Amezketa). It consists of a dance in couples (the “butlers” and their partners) that takes place in the square, it is more common in Navarre, and was perhaps transmitted due to its closeness to the boundary. In the past, the Ingurutxo dance was held on many Sundays throughout the year; at present, it is danced during the celebration of the day of the Virgin, on 8 September.


Harri Jaia, “Stone Festival”

This Thursday 6 June the Stone Festival is taking place in Bedaio. Many years ago, a hailstorm occurred on the same day for two consecutive years, destroying the fields and plantations. Since then, this festival has taken place, with High Mass and a procession to ask San Isidro to provide protection from such hailstones. There was a period when they stopped holding it, but it began to hail down strongly again; so they plan to continue this custom.


Possible mountain routes from Bedaio:

Bedaio offers several options for carrying out mountain routes, as there are several well signposted paths. You can climb up Mount Artubi (1263 m.), Balerdi (1193 m.), Urreagako Haitza (779 m.) or visit Zarate.

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