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Some more tips


This is where your tour comes to an end. But first, we’d like to recommend a few other ways to enjoy our town. Tolosa has all sorts to offer: from excellent shops and fine gastronomy to fabulous surroundings. And don’t forget the myriad cultural events and special fairs.

For all lovers of good food, the grill houses are the jewel in the crown. It was here that the tilted grill technique was invented, now used all over the world. And what about that bone-in ribeye steak... a delicacy if ever there was one!

And there’s more: black beans, Ibarra’s spicy guindilla peppers, almond biscuits known as tejas and cigarrillos, almond and egg-yolk pastries called gorrotxas... are to be found in many places. Just thinking about them makes your mouth water!

To enjoy the local nature, we suggest climbing Mount Uzturre: either making your way through the district of Izaskun, or following the path past the ancient Misericordia hospital and its pools. The views are fantastic. Otherwise, without going too far, you can also enjoy the peace and quiet of any of the urban parks: Prado Grande, Zabalarreta or Elosegi.

If you’d prefer a little more adventure, why not head for the immense and marvellous Sierra de Aralar mountain range via the Bedaio neighbourhood, or walk along the crest of Mount Hernio from Urkizu?

Otherwise, you always have the option of simply continuing to wander the streets. You’ll always find something to surprise you in Tolosa!

Thanks for coming to meet us. Remember that both the Castile Gate and Atahuts are always open to welcome you back. We look forward to seeing you again!