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Giants and big heads of Tolosa

The giants and big-heads of Tolosa are a symbol of festivals and the town´s culture.

Many people visit the town to enjoy the dances of the giants, and get a little “scared” fleeing from the blows of the big-heads (carnival figures with enormous heads). I must say that the dances of the giants are really impressive, you cannot miss out on them!!

Which characters are there? Each character has its origins, some are historical and others come from carnivals.

Domenjón González de Andía and Doña Catalina de Tapia (the blonde-haired one) Bordodantzari and Neskatilla (the brown-haired one)
Isabelita and Pello

Fat Thursday, Thin Friday, Txantxo, Chilabas, Tinker, Sorgina, Akerra, Veleta and Ero-Etxe.

Also, the Group of Giants and Big-Heads carries out the House of Giants and Big-Heads project in the fairground, so that you can learn and play with the giants and big-heads in a calmer environment.