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Record for world’s largest pot of mushrooms in sauce

22/10/2019 |

Last weekend will be remembered for the aroma of mushrooms that emanated from Tolosa, as well as the world record achieved by the gastronomic society which organised the Mycology Festival: The Casino society of Tolosa managed to prepare the world’s largest pot of mushrooms in sauce.


Mikologika Casino Tolosa

The mycology fair which is held every year in Tolosa organised by the Casino gastronomic society, once again filled last weekend in Tolosa with mushrooms and people ready to taste them. Information sessions were organised as well as talks and workshops on mushrooms and fungi, but there was also time to cook them and try them.

Mikologika Festa Tolosa TxanpiOn fest

On Friday, the now well-known Txanpi-On Fest took place, this time the location was changed to a more outstanding place: The Small Meadow of Tolosa, decorated for the occasion. This very autumnal place was lit up and decorated as a forest in order to create an unbeatable atmosphere enjoyed to the rhythm of live jazz and food to nibble on at the food trucks: hamburgers, mushroom croquettes and crepes.

Mikologika Txanpi On Fest Tolosa Zumardi Txiki

Mikologika Txanpi On Fest

On Saturday, it was time to try different tapas based on mushrooms, such as creamy rice dishes, scrambled eggs, pisto with fungi and hamburgers. However, the icing on the cake was added by the Casino society of Tolosa, as it achieved the record for the world’s largest pot of mushrooms in sauce. What will they surprise us with next year?

Mikologika feria Tolosa

Mikologika Tolosa Feria

Mikologika Txanpi Feria Micologica Tolosa

Now, it is time to look forward to next weekend, with the next gastronomic fair: Tolosa GOXUA, on 26 October.